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Un-dooming IT – a CTO survival manual of how to save your company

Wann: 29.06.2017 

Wo: Eurostaff Group GmbH, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5   (Karte)


Klederson Bueno

Rio Branco / Acre – Brazi

It’s often common in nowdays find comapanies/startups where they are very strongly based on IT but with a weak IT department (sometimes almost inexistent).

In this talk he would like to show that IT is not about having one or many developers executing your project but a whole ecosystem, architecture, strategic vision over your app, site or product, aligned with good practices, scalability and mostly the business itself.

Based on personal experiences he will talk a little bit about some mesures he had to take and how he managed to change – in a short period of time – not only IT’s role in the company but also how this reflected in the product quality and the other departments.

CTO, Systems Architect, PHP Evangelist, Father, Husband and professional beer drinker.

With more then 18 years in the IT market, with large experience managing teams and projetcs as well with systems architecture and development.

Developer by heart and nerd by nature, he have worked in may kinds of projects managing and developing the code and architecture of that, projects such as: eCommerces ( stores, tickets selling, shopping groups, tourism, technology and so ), logistics systems ( router, geolocation, cargo tracking, gps tracking, reports, etc ), intranet systems ( crm, erp, call center systems ), software factories ( websites, hotsites, etc ), politics systems ( voting platforms, data mining, reports, olap data, etc ), news systems ( newspappers, magazines ).

He is a SCRUM and Technology enthusiast, highly involved with development communities and open source projects.

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